I created ChildfreeLove as a platform to meet other childfree people after I realized that many others were facing the same problem I had trying to meet other Childfree folks.

I worked on this website for over 3 years and I had it ready to launch -finally- by March 2018. After I launched I had a great response from the childfree community. I felt grateful and happy.

However, by that time I was going through a very difficult personal situation. I was leaving a conflictive/abusive relationship. I was moving to another city, filing for my divorce and trying to figure out my new life. This whole situation started to affect my physical and mental health until my brain totally shut down and I couldn’t pay attention to many other things in my life including my website, childfreelove.com.

It took me over a year to get back to balance and stand on my own feet again.

During all that time I kept receiving a lot of emails from people interested in the site and many more signed up to it. It kept growing organically even though I wasn’t doing anything. This means for me that the page is a great idea and people really need a site like this.

Unfortunately, I am not emotionally connected anymore to this project, perhaps because it remains me of my past and I’ve decided to move over in my life with different things. 

I don’t want just to shut down the page. I’d love if someone takes it over and gives it the time and love it needs. I created this site as a service for the childfree community and it’d be great if someone could still make it possible.

I know many others have tried to do the sambaed failed, but let me tell you that it wasn’t because of the lack of audience but because not everyone can manage this kind of website.

I was involved and very active in the Childfree community for years and I thought it was enough for me to run this site.

After attending an international dating site conference in LA in 2018, I realized that I needed also to learn about the dating site industry to make it better but unfortunately, I couldn’t do it.

About the website:

ChildfreeLove is built in WordPress and I have 3 more months of hosting paid. The site needs lots of love right now -aka maintenance-. Plugins need to be updated and renewed. I have 1,010 members and an email list with 659 subscribers ALL ORGANIC. I have also many emails from people offering me blog collaborations.

I’m willing to pass all the site to someone who wants to take it over and run it with love. I had already invested around USD 10k in ChildfreeLove so you’ll have the starting part already covered. 

You can contact me at info@childfreelove.com if you’re interested or have any questions.



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Erika M. Arias
Erika M. Arias

Hi Angie,

I am childfree and interested!

My colleague and I run 2 podcasts where we often discuss the childfree choice, that of which I hope to conduct research on in graduate school very soon. I’d like to schedule a call when you are able. Please feel welcome to email me at the address provided. I hope to hear from you soon!


Erika M. Arias


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