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Many countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and as a childfree-by-choice, I could care less about it but that it’s just me. Others instead, feel left out, some more participate in the celebration honoring the mothers in their lives, and some more think that being a pet mom should count too but, let’s see everything from a different perspective:

Did you know that the National Retail Federation has estimated the total Mother’s day spending in 2018 could reach USD 23.1 billion? Isn’t that insane? And that is only in the United States of America!

Have you ever thought: what would the global commerce industry do without Mother’s Day? Let’s not fall into that trap, please. If you are childfree, you know you’re going against of what society says we ‘should do’ with our lives and the same applies to commercial dates. We don’t need anybody telling us that the only way we can prove our love for the one who brought us to the world is spending money here and there.

Commercial holidays and I don’t get along, but again that it’s just me. I am a rebel and revolutionary woman who loves questioning what society tells us all the time. I always wonder what the real reason behind everything is and I almost always get to the same conclusion: they want to make us spend money and control our lives, but it’s up to us whether to believe or not what marketing tells us all the time.

Companies have convinced us that the only way to demonstrate our feelings, especially love, is buying their products, but let’s be real here; any smart person can see that they don’t care about our heart but just about our money.

Whether you are a fur mom or you love your nieces, nephews or friend’s kids so much, I don’t think you want to be included in a day that honors the only thing you’ve been avoiding all your life: parenthood.
In my case, Mother’s Day remains me that I’ve made the best decision with my life. Knowing that I am not part of that celebration makes me the happiest woman in the world.

So, what should you do on Mother’s Day then?
I personally don’t like to go to any commercial places. Stores are packed with children. Restaurants have endless waiting lists, and public transportation has even more kids crying and yelling all over, so I usually spend it by myself like I do any other lazy Sunday, but I’ll be doing something different and unique this year, and I want you to join me.
What if we [Childfree people] use Mother’s Day to stick together and create a robust and loving community? Did you also know that ChildfreeLove is the only Dating Site designed to connect and support childfree people regardless the type of relationship you’re looking for?

I can’t express how much I love this site and all the incredible connections that are happening within it. We need this site, as much as the rest of the world needs to celebrate those who have kids, and more important than that, we need to find reasons that united us in a world that wants to separate us all the time.

Therefore, I have a special gift for you my friend! From May 7th to 13th, ChildfreeLove membership is only USD 9.99!! Yes, you read well: $9.99!! That is incredible, right?

What are you waiting for? I have already met great childfree people here and I am sure you will too! Create an account here right now and start connecting with like-minded people!

You know what is also great? It doesn’t matter which country you live. ChildfreeLove works globally and already has members from every continent, and it’s proudly LGTBQIA friendly as well.

Sign up now here and Happy Non-Mother’s day!


With Love♥



PS: Let us know in comments please, what do you think about Mother’s Day as a Childfree? and, what do you usually do that day? And remember to share this post on your social networks too! Thank you.

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AngieBlack is the Founder and CEO of She is a dreamer, traveler, independent, responsible, feminist and lovely person. She is also “Childfree” by choice and she founded ChildfreeLove as an answer for those who want to find a quality person or friends with the same lifestyle and interests. ChildfreeLove is a dating site and blog she created with love and passion and is a project she is been devoted to since 2015. AngieBlack is proudly activist of the Childfree movement and although she respects and accepts those who have chosen a different path in life, she believes that there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about choosing a life without children (especially for women) and she will continue working to help as much as she can. She firmly believes that: “They lived happily ever after” not necessary involves kids. AngieBlack is originally from Colombia and English is her second language, she apologizes in advance for any grammatical error you might find here.

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