“ChildfreeLove believes that people have the right to choose a life without kids and those childfree people deserve and want a place to connect and support each other. Welcome to the only childfree dating site!”


Hello, my dear!

First of all thank you so much for being here. You are the reason this website exists but you also might be wondering: why would I choose a childfree dating site if there are plenty more out there where I can just say that I don’t want kids?

Well, in ChildfreeLove we believe that we (childfree people) have a unique and special way to see life that is sadly hard to understand for others. We feel that we are tired of giving explanations about our choices to people who don’t understand it. We don’t want to hear anymore the questions, why? are you sure? are you crazy?. We believe that we have the right to decide over our lives and bodies and that is a personal decision that doesn’t need external approval.

Childfree men are also tired of finding women who think that living happily ever after has to include children and, Childfree Woman as well, are tired of men who expect them to have kids. We also believe that being Childfree is beautiful, we believe that we are not selfish, we are actually helping the world in many other ways. We believe that there are enough people on this planet or that parenthood is just not for us, and finally, we need a place to find and support each other. That is the beauty of ChildfreeLove: beautiful people united by the same amazing cause: being childfree.

And this community is growing more every day around the world!

Maybe you just want to talk with a like-minded friend who understands your lifestyle without judging you or perhaps, you want more and you’re seeking the love of your life; either way, ChildfreeLove Dating Site is here to help you out.

This Dating Site is also for those who are Childless by circumstance and have decided to remain without kids. If you are childless by chance and still plan, wish or dream of having kids in the future, you are welcome to enjoy our free resources in the blog and forums but the dating site members area is exclusively for those who don’t have and won’t have children.

ChildfreeLove is also LGTBQIA friendly. We believe love has no sex or gender limits. The only requirement to become a member is being childfree by choice or circumstance.

If you would like to know more about ChildfreeLove, please visit our About Us page.

We hope you enjoy our site. Any feedback or suggestions, please email us to info@childfreelove.com

Love and peace!

CFL Team ♥

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Never knew this even existed!! I have none and dont want any. Dont get me wrong I thinkif I was too have that by now should of. I’m 38 and think that other people think the way I do. I have 2 nephews live them to death and would do anything for them. Kids are not for me is all I’m saying,but if had I would take care of them. Thanks


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