Hello my friend. 

I’ve decided that I am going to start  documenting and sharing the website process here as well as I’ll keep sending the updates by email.

ChildfreeLove was launched on March 26th and thanks to the amazing response and feedback from all of you, I was able to start working on improving the site’s bugs the same week.

This is the email I sent out on March 31st:


First of all, thank you so much for being part of ChildfreeLove. I am so thrilled by the amazing response I’ve had in less than a week and I also know this is going to get better by the time.

As you already know, this website is new and although most of the features are working, there are some others that require improvement but the only way to find them was having the site running with members, so, we are going to call this current phase “BETA” where you all, with your amazing feedback, help me out to make it the best Childfree Dating Site =)


This is what I am working on right now:

· Search feature: Currently, if you look for members by Country, it will display the ones who belong to that search criteria but that is all.
What I am implementing is searching people by zip code or city and choose a distance radio you want to find people from.
I am also including the option to search people by age.


· Profile picture: I know most of you are having trouble uploading a profile picture and I am working on that too. The only way it is working right now is if you drag and drop the image file directly to the upload option window.


· Activation email going to spam/junk folder: In order to get full access to the site you need to activate your account after creating a profile. Sometimes this email is getting caught by spam filters due to an authentication failed by the server. I am also working on that so, if you didn’t receive that email, please check your spam/junk folder. However, in the meantime, I am activating manually those profiles who are waiting for the activation email. So, everyone has full access to the site right now.


· You might find some typos on the site and this is why: English is my second language, 5 years ago my English level was 0 and although I have technical support with the website, all the content is pretty much by myself. I know how important grammar is and how much it says about a site and believe me, I used to get so obsessed and worried about that but then, I decided to use the tools I have by hand, try to do my best and let it go because at the end guess what? I am just a human being =). Sometimes I have people helping me with that but others it’s just me, so, if you see any typo, please make a screenshot and email it to me at info@childfreelove.com and I will happily correct it.


If you have any other feedback for me, you can comment below or email me at info@childfreelove.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you so much again for your patience and support and please remember to share about us with your friends.


With Love 

Founder of CFL

About AngieBlack

AngieBlack is the Founder and CEO of ChildfreeLove.com. She is a dreamer, traveler, independent, responsible, feminist and lovely person. She is also “Childfree” by choice and she founded ChildfreeLove as an answer for those who want to find a quality person or friends with the same lifestyle and interests. ChildfreeLove is a dating site and blog she created with love and passion and is a project she is been devoted to since 2015. AngieBlack is proudly activist of the Childfree movement and although she respects and accepts those who have chosen a different path in life, she believes that there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about choosing a life without children (especially for women) and she will continue working to help as much as she can. She firmly believes that: “They lived happily ever after” not necessary involves kids. AngieBlack is originally from Colombia and English is her second language, she apologizes in advance for any grammatical error you might find here.

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