I have been researching over the last few years about childfree blogs and websites, and I have found great resources on the internet. Seeing our beautiful community growing every day and supporting each other makes me really happy so I decided to gather all that information here for you.

I have created 4 different categories, hoping it’ll make it easy for you to find exactly the information you are looking for.

If you have a website or blog that is not here yet, please email me the information at blog@childfreelove.com and I’ll add it.

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♥ Childfree Websites and Blogs:

· INTERNATIONAL CHILDFREE DAY. Do you know we (childfree people) have an international day? Is on August 1st!

This website is great! They celebrate Childfree men and women around the world and have amazing stories, articles, links, and information. They have as well a Childfree man and woman of the year and you can nominate someone each year. This website is a must if you are into the Childfree lifestyle.

· THE NOTMOM is probably one of the most important and complete Childfree/Childless blogs out there.

The founder is Karen Malone Wright who has devoted her last years to The NotMom advocating for those without kids by choice and by chance. The blog always has updated and interesting articles to nourish your mind and heart. Is definitely one of my favorites.

· AGEING WITHOUT CHILDREN. For a positive later life without children! This website fills my heart with hope because we don’t need children in order to have a great elderly life and this is exactly what they do.

· CFPLACES. If you ever wished for a Childfree Directory of Places where children are restricted, let me tell you that the site is here and I love it. CFPlaces is new but seems so far very promising. It also gives you the option to contribute to the website information, adding new Childfree places of events.

· LE VIE CHILDFREE. Is a blog by Laura Carrol who is a leading voice in the Childfree world. She is a Master in Psychology and Communications and is also an author. Laura has written 2 books about Childfree and 1 about Overpopulation. You can find them in our Childfree Books page.

· NO KIDDING! The international Social and Networking Club for Childfree Couples and Singles. Founded in 1984 by Jerry Steinberg in Vancouver, Canada and now offers chapters around all United States and Canada.

· CHILDFREE AFRICAN. I personally loved this blog where Doreen Akiyo Yomoah shows us childfree life from another perspective and culture. If you are open minded, you will love to read the interviews articles posted on the blog.

· WHY NOT KIDS. Is a blog from a happily married childfree couple that offers interesting articles and guest collaborations as well related to the childfree lifestyle.

· KIDFREE & LOVIN’ IT. Is a book and website by Kaye Walters who offers “kidfree” resources and you can take a survey that she has used to collect statistics and information from childfree people around the world.

· CHILDFREE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD. This website offers articles, tips, forums, adult vacation and thoughts in general about Childfree life.

· CHRISTEN REIGHTER. Writer, public speaker and voice for the childfree people by choice.

· CHILDFREE LIFE ADVENTURES. Whitney and Paddy are a childfree couple in Seattle, WA, and their blog is about their lifestyle and travel adventures around the world.

· CHILDFREE REFLECTIONS. Marcia Drut-Davis is a 76 years old childfree woman and author who shears her story, thoughts, and reflections on her blog where she also supports and encourages everyone who chooses the childfree lifestyle.

· CHILDLESS BY CHOICE PROJECT. Laura S. Scott is a writer, producer, and coach who has been researching about childfree people and have gathered a great information on her blog, documentary, and book. Check out here a clip from the documentary “The Childless by Choice Project“.

· CHILDFREE WOMEN. “An anthology by women of the ‘60s, in their 60s” by Aralyn Hughes.

· ELEANORE WELLS. Stylish New Yorker Eleanore is a blogger and author about her fancy Childfree life and also offers cute products in her online shop.

· RESPECTFULLY CHILDFREE. Blair Larae and her husband define themselves as “certainly uncertain” about the childfree life and that is absolutely OK. In the meantime, she blogs about it, makes cute childfree coffee cups and is creating an amazing community online.

· SAVVY AUNTIE. Are you childfree and love your nephews, nieces and friends’ kids? Melanie Notkin has created this website especially for you. She is “an entrepreneur, author, speaker, marketer and a leading voice childless, and often single women”, as she describes in herself. I personally enjoy reading her!

· DINKS FINANCE. Dual Income No Kids Finance is a blog discussing personal finance for couples and singles. I find this blog very useful because knowing how to manage finances is a subject we all should read about.

· THE RINKY-DINK LIFE. Brittany’s blog about Childfree lifestyle.

· MARRIED WITH MONEY. Dave and Kristin are a childfree married couple and they focus this amazing blog helping people (singles too) to learn about finances. A really important subject in life that we have forgotten sometimes.

· THE LEAGUE OF FABULOUS WOMEN. Is a lifestyle blog that empowers childfree women to live a fulfilled life, regardless why they are childfree. It is also a great community for those looking for support and friendship.

· INSTEAD OF KIDS. Children-free recipes by Monica Zaldivar. Very interesting articles.

· VACATIONS FOR COUPLES ONLY. Melanie is a writer, blogger, singer, and teacher who loves traveling with her husband Jim to childfree destinations. If you have a wanderlust soul, you’ll love this blog.

· CHILDFREE BY CHOICE. Website with helpful information, articles, links and even a list of Childfree friendly films!

· CHILDFREE.NET. Website with Childfree resources, websites, information and books’ reviews.

· COMPLETE WITHOUT KIDS. Blog and book by psychologist Ellen L Walker about Childfree life.

· CHILDFREE NEWS. Is a blog active since 2006 with interesting posts about Childfree lifestyle in general.

· CHILDLESS MOTHERS CONNECT. Is an online community for Childfree women founded by Dr. Marcy Cole, to “connect, collaborate and celebrate the ‘Mother’ in the heart of every woman” as she says.

· CHILDFREE MEXICO – (SPANISH) Great Childfree blog for the Spanish speaking community.

· THE CHILDFREE CHOICE. Blog with good information about childfree lifestyle.

· EMPTY UTERUS. A blog and a book in the making about childless women around the world.

· BEING CHILDFREE. Exploring the choice to be Childfree.

· YERUSHA. Childless Jewish adults blog.


♥ Childless by Chance

· GATEWAY WOMEN. United by and beyond childlessness. Jody Day is a British author and founder of Gateway Women, the global friendship and support network for women without children, focusing on those Childfree by circumstance.

· EVER UPWARD. Justine Brooks Froelker is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, and advocate for speaking shame and learning to thrive life after it has not turned out how you hoped, dreamed and planned.

· WE ARE HEALING INFERTILITY. Amira Posner is a Clinical Social Worker who offers her services and resources, bringing hope and acceptance for those childless by chance.

· LESLEY PYNE. She is childless by chance woman who went through the experience, grief, and acceptance of not having kids; after she overcame the situation and found herself happy as she is, she has dedicated her life helping people like her.

· NON PARENTS. Nina Steele is a Childless woman by circumstance from Ivory Coast who bravely shares her story about facing a life with no kids. She also has an active community online worth to check out.

· LIFE WITHOUT A BABY. Lisa Manterfield is a “writer, infertility survivor and curious cat” as she describes herself on her blog.

· JESSICA HEPBURN. Jessica Hepburn’s has faced infertility in a particular way, she took an adventure of swimming 21 miles through the English Channel to answer the question “Does motherhood make you happy or can you have a fulfilling life without children?”

· MISSED MOTHERHOODCoaches Kani Comstock and Barbara Comstock offer resources for those who miss motherhood/parenthood in their lives, regardless the reason for their lifestyle.

· SILENT SORORITY. Infertility survivor Pamela M Tsigdinos is “an award-winning author internationally recognized for her writing on the limitations of reproductive medicine and the personal and social impacts that accompany fertility challenges” according to her website.

· CHILDLESS BY MARRIAGE. Is a blog and book by Sue Fagalde Lick who is a writer, teacher and musician, and shares about her life experiences on her blog.

· THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. Canadian childless couple shares their childfree life after infertility and loss.

· THE CHILDLESS MOTHER. Sharron Phillips shares in this blog her journey after over 12 years of trying to become a mother. She offers support and empathy through her posts to those who are traveling the same difficult road she already did.

· DIFFERENT SHORES. Non-mom by chance writes about childfree lifestyle as a choice and as a circumstance.


♥ On The Fence

· MOTHERHOOD CLARITY MENTOR. Ann Davidman is a Mentor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping people to discover and decide about becoming parents. If you are in doubt about remaining childfree or not, she has valuable information in her blog. She also has an “Online Group Motherhood Clarity Course™” available from January 2018, which I personally think is an amazing tool for those who need guidance to make this important decision of life.

· WE ARE NOT HAVING A BABY. Amy & Lance Blackstone are a childfree married couple who offer information on their blog not only for those already childfree but for those still undecided or have questions about this life’s choice.

· CHILDFREE WOMAN BY KARIN RAHBEK. She is a blogger and author of the memoir where she helps people deciding about having or not kids. Do you dare to find out how motherhood looks from a childfree point of view?


♥ Overpopulation

· BREATHING EARTH. This is a MUST see website if you care about overpopulation and global warming. That is a subject that I personally like to read about a lot, it opens my eyes to the real world. You will be surprised at what you’ll see in the about statistics on this website.

· ENOUGH OF US. Cheryl and Ellis Levinson are a childfree couple, authors and bloggers. Here they talk about overpopulation, the impact on natural environment and children without families looking desperately for love.

· POPULATION CONNECTION. America’s Voice for Population Stabilization. This organization was founded in 1968 as ZPG (Zero Population Growth), and since then, they have been working hard to educate, help and bring us resources and information about the population.

· POPULATION MATTERS. Founded in 1991 in the United Kingdom, they work in several aspects as population size, environmental sustainability, family planning, sex education and women’s empowerment among others. They offer great resources, campaigns, and information on their website. Is worth to check it out.

· WORLD POPULATION AWARENESS. Another great website about overpopulation and its consequences in our beloved earth. Their goal is to create consciousness in people’s mind and preserve the environment and its natural resources for the benefit of everyone.


*Check out as well The Ultimate List of Childfree Books!






About AngieBlack

AngieBlack is the Founder and CEO of ChildfreeLove.com. She is a dreamer, traveler, independent, responsible, feminist and lovely person. She is also “Childfree” by choice and she founded ChildfreeLove as an answer for those who want to find a quality person or friends with the same lifestyle and interests. ChildfreeLove is a dating site and blog she created with love and passion and is a project she is been devoted to since 2015. AngieBlack is proudly activist of the Childfree movement and although she respects and accepts those who have chosen a different path in life, she believes that there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about choosing a life without children (especially for women) and she will continue working to help as much as she can. She firmly believes that: “They lived happily ever after” not necessary involves kids. AngieBlack is originally from Colombia and English is her second language, she apologizes in advance for any grammatical error you might find here.

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