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About ChildfreeLove:

ChildfreeLove is a dating site established exclusively for childfree people who want to meet their significant other or just make new friends who share the same lifestyle.

ChildfreeLove also offers a blog who is public and can be read and comment by anyone, however, ChildfreeLove has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for disrespecting and degrading comments or posts. RESPECT is always REQUIRED in ALL exchanges between members.

ChildfreeLove DOES NOT HATE OR DISCRIMINATES children nor parents, however, is a website made for support those who don’t have nor want them.

We are also proudly LGTBQIA friendly and DOES NOT tolerate any discrimination or disrespect for LGTBQIA people. ChildfreeLove believes that LOVE DOES NOT KNOW any limits by gender or sex.

Please refer to ChildfreeLove’s Terms & Conditions for more information.

Visiting ANY page of ChildfreeLove.com means that you accept our Terms & Conditions. If for any reason you DO NOT agree with ChildfreeLove.com Terms & Conditions, you MUST leave the website IMMEDIATELY!


ChildFreeLove.com Mission:

“Create new relationships between people who share the “childfree” lifestyle. 

We propose a new ‘family’ concept, one that embraces the idea that living and loving each other without children is fantastic.”


ChildfreeLove Founder:


AngieBlack is the Founder and CEO of ChildfreeLove.com.

She is a dreamer, traveler, independent, responsible, feminist and lovely person. She is also “Childfree” by choice and she founded ChildfreeLove as an answer for those who want to find a quality person or friends with the same lifestyle and interests.

ChildfreeLove is a dating site and blog she created with love and passion and she’s been devoted to this project since 2015.

AngieBlack is proudly activist of the Childfree movement and although she respects and accepts those who have chosen a different path in life, she believes that there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about choosing a life without children (especially for women) and she will continue working to help as much as she can.

She firmly believes that: “They lived happily ever after” not necessary involves kids.

AngieBlack is originally from Colombia and English is her second language, she apologizes in advance for any grammatical error you might find here.

To contact AngieBlack, you can email her at angieblack@childfreelove.com


ChildfreeLove Services:

ChildfreeLove Dating Site: Is a platform that members can use to meet and connect directly with more Childfree people. You can create your own profile, add pictures and videos and share about your life inside the network. You must be a paid member in order to access to this amazing community. The Dating Site can be used for those who are looking for a Significant Other and as well, for people who only want to make new Childfree friends. Sign up here for free!!

ChildfreeLove Forum: Have a conversation and debate about Childfree and Childless subjects. Here you can express your opinion in an existent topic or request a new discussion. Forum posts are public and can be read by anyone.

ChildfreeLove Blog: Is a space open to everyone where we talk about childfree matters from different perspectives and life’s areas. If you would like to contribute to our blog, please click HERE or email us at blog@childfreelove.com.

ChildfreeLove Directory of Resources: Do you know there are adult only resorts and destinations? and Childfree podcasts as well? You will find here blogs, websites, books, stores, events and much more, all related to support a lifestyle without children.




Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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